Simplified and Flexible Check-in Methods
Manual check-in, supporting various check-in retrieval methods such as name, ID card, phone number, registration number, QR code, and QR code scanning box. The number of check-in windows can be planned according to the conference situation to meet the diverse needs of attendees.
Self-service check-in, including contactless self-check-in Kiosk and badge printing on an all-in-one machine, can also meet the needs that conferences do not require badges. Self-service check-in can reduce the number of on-site staff and alleviate congestion by dispersing queues.
Check-in data can be linked with third-party devices, such as Auto Gate verification, to facilitate integrated management for organizers.  
Customized Badge Style & Efficient Badge Printing
The user-friendly badge editor allows users to easily edit the content and layout of badges. Users can drag and drop fields directly onto the badge, such as personal information, QR code, and attendee identity, to generate the required attendee badges.
The printer is compatible with various materials for badges worldwide, such as thermal paper, PP paper, PVC, etc., and supports multiple badge sizes.
Supporting multi-channel batch and single-card printing badges, meeting the needs for both pre-event printing and on-site printing. The printing speed is fast, with the entire process taking only 1-2 seconds.
There is a complete set of equipment available, including various badge printers, laptops, and a comprehensive network deployment on site. Additionally, professional personnel are provided to set up the check-in area, debug equipment, and offer support service.

Clear and Concise Check-in System Interface

The check-in system interface classified individual attendee, team, delegate, exhibitor, and staff check-in areas, seamlessly integrated with the registration channels for quick attendee check-in queries.
The system is equipped with traceable operation log management, allowing for making notes for checked-in attendees, ensuring that there is evidence to refer to in case of emergencies or human errors in operations.
The check-in system backend allows for the customization of staff management permissions based on job responsibilities. It also provides clear operational procedures and user manuals for the organizers, facilitating the management of the check-in areas.

Implement Tailored Management of Real-time Check-in Data
Real-time viewing of check-in data on the system dashboard, including the total number of attendees who have checked in and those who haven't, daily check-in counts, and registration fee data.
According to customer needs, to customize the export of check-in data in bulk or individually.
Lucid and complete financial analysis report on registration fees, allowing for separate exports of registration fees paid before and during the event.
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