Customized data collection process with editable registration forms
Drag-and-Drop to customizable registration form Choose from system-provided form templates or customize form effortlessly. No design background required—simply drag and drop components like building blocks to swiftly create standard registration forms.
Rich Component Field Panel. Customize text boxes, dropdown menus, checkboxes, date pickers, and more. Support for uploading videos, images, and various formats. Optional and mandatory field settings enable the creation of virtually any type of form.
Convenient Registration Form Management. Clients can conveniently manage registration forms and export its data from the platform's backend.  
Tailor registration ticket types and prices according to the scenario
Various ticket options including free, full-price, discounted, internal, and more.
Configure registration types and set tickets’ suspension time autonomously.
Independently set registration gates of accompanying person and additional activities.
Support organizers different permissions setting for attendees, ensuring more rational management of the attendee scope.
Flexibly manage attendees with different identities
Configure multiple registration channels to accommodate various attendee identities such as regular delegates, VIPs, groups, exhibitors, staff, etc.
Support manual and tool-based verification during registration. Tool-based verification may utilize invitation codes, verification codes, eligibility codes, etc., with the ability to manage these codes freely.
Allow teams to register and pay for team members independently. The system can automatically check for duplicates to prevent team members from registering multiple times. Teams can register and pay in advance without providing exact name of team members.
Provide separate channel management for VIPs, enabling bulk registration of VIPs and marking them with privileges and status.
Support multi-type & multi-currency payment system
The exclusive and convenient financial management system integrates multiple payment interfaces, including UnionPay, WeChat Pay, Alipay, PayPal, Stripe, Allinpay, and more.
The system provides different reimbursement such as invoices and receipts.
Provide customed payment interfaces based on client requirements.
Real-time monitoring of registration data
Real-time export of registration forms for attendees with different identities, including registration types, payment status, attendee basic information, distribution of registered attendees, etc.
Support customizing required fields to export data tables for data analysis, reference, and management decision-making.
Adjust ticket quantities based on real-time data.
Make VIP reception and accommodation plans based on VIP contact data.
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