Personalized Agenda Center
Creating an integrated and user-friendly platform for speakers to manage their academic tasks and schedule, as well as to familiarize themselves with other speakers and session content. 
Dynamic updating of agenda details ensures that speakers have access to real-time information about their session schedules and any changes or additions.
Download or print agenda list is supported.
 Speaker list is generated automatically.
A One-stop Submission Portal for Speakers
Permissions can be customized according to the identities of invited individuals, thereby facilitating effective management of information submissions for various identities, such as, VIPs, speakers, attendees.
Effortlessly collect a variety of information, including: 
- Biography and photos
- Lecture slides
- Recorded videos
- Lecture notes
- Signing of declaration or publication consent forms
Information that are submitted by speakers can be managed easily in backend system, which greatly facilitates the process of following up on speaker invitations and making any necessary academic adjustments.
Data Export: Allow staff to export submission data in Excel format for further analysis or reporting purposes.
Automated Communication
Speakers and chairs can conveniently confirm their assigned tasks online, providing organizers with prompt feedback.
Provide email notification template that can be edited freely by organizers and individualized agenda list can be automatically generated.
Multiple notification tools can be applied, including email and SMS. 
Emal Delivery: Batch sending, multiple recipient selection sending, and one-to-one sending. 
SMS Notifications: Used ONLY for mobile phone users within Mainland China.
 Custom configuration for speaker/moderator certificate is supported. Self-download service is also available.
Personalized Logistic Reminder 
Supports collection of individual itinerary information, including accommodation arrangements, flight/train arrival times, airport pick-up/drop-off schedules, and contact details for staff personnel, enabling automatic generation of personalized welcome pages for quick access to all relevant content.
Permissions can be allocated to staff based on their responsibilities, thus realizing collaborative management of itineraries for invited individuals. 
Data can be exporting in Excel format.
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